It’s Hump Day!


Wednesdays are Hump Day at gameofshipschallenges. Your challenge is to create fanworks for your favorite pairings inspired by today’s prompt within 24 hours, so Wednesday is the sexiest of days.


  1. As always, any GoT/ASOIAF pairing, any rating. Any type of fanwork is welcome.
  2. Share your fanworks by posting them on your own tumblr blog and/or posting to the AO3 Hump Day collection. This is not a submissions challenge, but Hump Day contributions can be tracked under the gameofshipschallenges tag.
  3. When posting a Hump Day fanwork to your tumblr:
  • Provide NSFW and trigger warnings in the body of the post, so the tag remains safe for all readers.
  • Put any NSFW content under a read more cut.
  • Tag your ships.
  • Tag gameofshipschallenges or no one will be able to find your fanwork!


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